Missing from Lugano while at the responsibility of the Lugano authority.

Inscribed Brick of White, Fawn and Orange Stone.150 x 176 x 79 mm.
Incarto Nr. ROG.2003.407/BC
Missing since 21.12.2003 while at Lugano storage.

This brick is inscribed in Middle Assyrian cuneiform on obverse, lower edge, reverse, upper edge, and the last two lines are engraved on the right-hand edge. The text is a royal inscription of Arik-den-ili, king of Assyria c. 1320-1308 B.C., and dates from his reign. The corners are chipped and the reverse is badly rubbed in places, but much of the inscription is clear and can be read.

Previously only seven certain inscriptions of this king have been known, but, of these, five are either very short of little preserved. Only two are complete or nearly so. One has 77 exremely short lines, the other 11 longer lines. Thus this text of 30 lines is a major addition to the records of this king.

Although the disappearance of our object has been repeatedly reported by us to the police in Lugano, Zurich & Bern - nonetheless, the authorities of Lugano refuse to report our object to the international FindStolenArt database.

Found at l'Association Hellas & Roma c/o MAH Genève

This Apulian Xenon-ware stemless cup with fish motif, Lot no. 277, was bought by us at Sotheby's auction in New York, on May 31, 1997 at the request of Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Genève and personally delivered to them as well. P/11738/04

After a long search, the Geneva authority could finally confirm that our missing object was found within the Hellas & Roma collection at Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Genève on April 10th, 2008.

However, and as of today, neither the Geneva police, nor anybody else is interested to find out how the object became part of the Hellas & Roma collection, nor is anybody interested to find the whereabouts of the other 3 missing objects. (see below).

En outre, dès 1983, l'Association Hellas et Roma contribue efficacement à l'enrichissement des collections par les oeuvres qu'elle reçoit ou acquiert, lesquelles sont statutairement confiées au Musée d'art et d'histoire. Ref: Les Musées d'art et d'histoire -Prähellenistische und griechische

As of today the Geneva authority has neglected to report this item to the FindStolenArt database.

Provenance: a Swiss dealer.



Missing from Musée d'Art et d'Histoire

Since June 7, 1991 from Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Genève

A fragment of a fish plate; 0: ca. 15 - 17 cm; a most beautiful and rare fragment. P/11738/04


A small ancient silver box; L: ca. 2.0 - 2.5 cm; containing an ancient Hebrew inscription. This box was entrusted to the museum with the request to take the box to the laboratory so it could be opened there without bringing any harm to the inscription. P/11738/04

Since this day both objects have never been seen again. Several written requests were made to either return - or to pay the objects.


Missing from Musée d'Art et d'Histoire

Since January 21, 1994 from Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Genève, is a rare terracotta cup in form of a vase, (V-shape) with painted animals. Greek provincial work of archaic style. P/11738/04

H: ca. 15 - 20 cm; intact.

Since this day this object has never been seen again. Several written requests were made to either return - or to pay the object.

On April 10, 2008 as well as on April 28, 2008 the Geneva authority confirmed that our 3 missing objects could not be found within the museum.

As of today the Geneva authority has neglected to report our missing items to the FindStolenArt database. However, as these 3 objects are of great importance and value they must have been seen somewhere.


Diskriminierung & Rassismus in der Schweiz
Folgendes Schreiben wurde durch unseren Anwalt an diverse Schweizer Medienagenturn gesandt.
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Jean Louis Burckhardt, alias Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Abdallah. Swiss traveler and orientalist. Am 4.10.1817 erkrankte er erneut an der Ruhr infolge einer Vergiftung. Er starb in Kairo am 15.10.1817 und wurde dort begraben.

Um Ihnen, die gegen uns geführte Verschwörungskampagne / politische Verfolgung verständlich machen zu können, ist es unerlässlich ihnen einige Familiennamen der direkt oder indirekt beteiligten Personen zu nennen, die zum Teil bereits im 18th Jh. Beziehungen zu Marokko pflegten.

Diese Familien stammen vor allem aus der Textilindustrie. Die Söhne dieser Familien waren zudem im Militär-, in der Politik- und im Bankgeschäft vertreten. (17th-19th Jh.). So erklärt sich woher die Schweizer Regierung ihr Wissen über uns - die Noblen Prinzen (Sharif) .................... al-Aji - erhalten haben.

Erwähnenswert ist auch, dass Prof. Dr.iur. Frank Vischer, (Basler-Daig), den Antiquitätenverband (VSAK) einerseits - und die Schweizer Regierung andererseits - repräsentiert, beraten und / oder vertreten hat. Zudem wären da noch Prof. Vischer's Verwandte zu erwähnen - Fam. Burckhardt, (Basler-Daig), sowie ein Fritz W. Riggenbach, Basel, der ebenfalls in unserer Familiengeschichte vorkommt. Siehe

< www.sharifian-history.info>

Prof. Titus Burckhardt, Historiker & Experte in Islam & Sufism, lebte während mehrerer Jahre in Marokko (von 1930 -) und hatte freien Zugang zu den Archiven in Fès etc.Von 1972-1977 besorgte er im Auftrage der UNESCO die Vorarbeiten zur Erhaltung der Altstadt von Fès. F.W. Riggenbach lebte gegen Ende des 19th Jh. in Marokko. Ref: Biography of Prof. Titus Burckhardt, Basel. Nicht zu verwechseln mit:

Jean Louis Burckhardt, Basel, alias Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Abdallah, (1784-1817) erhielt von der African Association den Auftrag zu einer Expedition zum Niger und übertrug ihm am 14.02.1809 die Leitung. Erwähnt in: James Grey Jackson, Timbuktoo, page 4, London, 1820, ...... I cannot but suspect, therefore, from the circumstance before recited, that the Muselmism of Burckhardt was seriously suspected, and that his companions only waited a convenient opportunity in the Sahara for executing their revenge on him for the deception. Ref: Biography of Johann Ludwig Burckhardt (a.k.a John Lewis, Jean Louis) Burckhardt b. November 24, 1784; d. October 15, 1817. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Ludwig_Burckhardt & for Prof.Dr.iur. Frank Vischer see: www.vischer.com

"Basler Daig"

LA CONVENTION D'UNIDROIT DU 24 JUIN 1995 SUR LES BIENS CULTURELS VOLÉS OU BLLICITEMENT EXPORTÉS. Voir également l'avis de droit du Prof. Vischer concernant la Convention Unidroit du 29 décembre 1995.... . Curia Vista - Geschäftsdatenbank. Erlass eines Bundesgesetzes über den Transfer von Kulturgütern (KGTG) vom 4.10.2001, ... unter der Leitung von Prof. F. Vischer sowie vom 17.10.2003.

While looking for some old files I suddenly noticed the family name "Burckhardt" within correspondence received from our lawyer Dr. A. Schubiger c/o Reichenbach, Tuchschmid, Meili & Schubiger, back in 1987- of which some were signed by Dr. Christoph Burckhardt, Basler Daig. This law firm was recommended to us by our former bank, Bank Hofmann AG, Zurich. (Confirmed by phone, 12.04.2009. Bank Hofmann is a fully owned subsidiary of SKA).

Above "Kultur" article published in Tages-Anzeiger on Januar 6, 2009 by Dr. Thomas Buomberger demonstrates not only the "Basler Daig" network but also gives you a small idea of how this "Basler Daig" behaves & specially how they behaved against us and our business. Nonetheless, Dr. Buomberger lacked to mention Prof. Blome's role within the Cultura c/o Cultura Managment Ltd., Basel for which Prof.Dr.iur. Frank Vischer was likewise the legal representative. This clearly demonstrates that what we said and wrote to the various Swiss government functionaries, police, judges,WEKO, Swiss Federal Tribunal as well as to the various Federal Councillors, was the truth! Since the 17th cent. this Basler Daig has continued to build up a most powerful network based on submission and fear and - as our graphic clearly demonstrates! I wonder, if the Swiss citizens still believe that they are in control of our democracy??? For reference on Daig see: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daig.

Die Schweiz im 18. Jahrhundert. Die politischen Strukturen



Our Sales to Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Genève, from 1986-1994

time of

Directeur Claude Lapaire

(the Byzantine objects date mainly from the 4th - 7th c. A.D.)

17.03.1986 Byzantine bronzes, 2 lamps + 2 paterae with handles. Paid, 23.04.1986

14.04.1986 Byzantine bronzes, tripod, jug + jar. Paid, 06.05.1986

26.11.1987 Byzantine gold medallion. Paid, 28.12.1987

26.11.1987 Lot no. 336, Byzantine cross, 6th-7th c. A.D. Lot 337, weight in form of a Minerva bust, 5th-6th c. A.D. Lot 339, Steelyard with weight. Coptic. Paid, 14.01.1988

15.07.1988 Un médaillon byzantin en pierre gravé, XI-XIII s. Paid, 08.08.1988

20.04.1989 4 Lead figurines, Baalbek. Paid, 24.06.1989

17.05.1989 Byzantine weight + Stone die for rings on approval. Paid, 03.07.1989

29.06.1989 AR Spoon, guilded. Paid, 06.07.1989

29.06.1989 Stone die for rings + AE Byzantine lock. Paid, 25.07.1989

25.09.1989 2 croix byzantines en or, pendentifs. Paid, 17.10.1989

15.11.1989 Croix en or, pendentif. Bague en or avec monogramme.

Paire de boucles d'oreilles en or avec pierreries. Médaillon en or,

émail cloisonné. Paid, 05.01.1990

20.12.1989 Pendentif byzantin. 2 boucles d'oreilles byzantines.

Boucle d'oreille byzantine, sceau byzantin avec bust du Christ,

intaille double-face, Christ et Vierge,

pendentif en or avec émail cloisonné. Paid, 31.01.1990

15.03.1990 Groupe de bronzes d'époque byzantin.

Don du 29.12.1989

18.04.1990 Alabaster plate. Paid, 26.06.1990

11.04.1991 Lot 468 AR Obol. Terone ca. 480-420 B.C. Paid, 22.08.1991

14.04.1991 Croix byzantin en or. Paid 15.05.1991

06.05.1991 Byzantine bronze weight. Paid, 12.06.1991

17.05.1991 Croix byzantin en or. Paid, 10.07.1991

07.06.1991 Vase romain en faience colorée. Don

*Fragment of fish plate. Missing

*Small silver box containing inscription. Missing

Marble fragment. Pêcheur endormi. Payment delayed!

23.11.1991 Byzantine marble offering table, 5th c. A.D. Payment delayed!

29.11.1991 Bought at MAH request from F. Sternberg auction,

lot 1180, round bronze seal. Paid, 20.12.1991

08.01.1992 Byzantine silver bowl. Paid, Fonds? 11.02.1992

13.03.1992 Gold cross byzantine. Paid, Fonds? 23.04.1992

18.03.1992 Byzantine gold cross with monogram. Paid, Fonds? 28.04.1992

20.10.1992 Byzantine bronze steelyard, 4th - 6th c. A.D. Payment delayed!

20.07.1993 Byzantine AE bell. Paid, Fonds Sötet, 11.8.1993

20.07.1993 Byzantine scale with weight. Paid, Fonds Sötet, 19.08.1993

*21.01.1994 Terracotta vase with painted animals. Missing


time of

Director Cäsar Menz

In 1994 Pêcheur endormi, Byzantine offering table & Byzantine bronze steelyard were to be paid as soon as Dir. Menz had settled himself within his new position. Our payments were delayed once again!

07.06.1991 Pêcheur endormi. Paid, 15. 07.1996 delayed for 5 years

23.11.1991 Byzantine marble offering table. It was agreed that MAH was finally going to pay us between mid August - mid September 1999. Later, we received two letters from MAH c/o Dr. Chamay. First: promised to pay End of 1999, second: to paid End of January 2000. MAH paid us only on April 7, 2000, Fonds M. Solana San, delayed over 8 years

20.10.1992 Byzantine bronze steelyard . Finally MAH paid only CHF 22'897.50 on 07.04.1997 instead of CHF 35'000.-- (our purchase price was CHF 25'000.--), delayed over 4 years plus loss

24.05.1995 Lot of bronzes. Payment delayed! Paid, 10.05.1996

29.06.1995 Lot of bronzes. Down payment paid, 08.12.1995

03.06.1996 Aegina silver coin. Paid, 01.07.1996

14.12.1996 AE disk, 2 AE idols. Payment delayed! Paid, 29.04.1997

21.01.1997 Swiss Coins. Paid, 17.03.1997

10.03.1997 Small Byzantine coins. Paid, 06.02.1998

31.05.1997 Bought at MAH request from Sotheby's, New York . Found at Hellas & Roma. Unpaid!

02.10.1997 Byzantine & Sessanian clay prints. Paid, 06.02.1998

19.01.2001 Terracotta statuette of Core. Payment delayed! Paid, 23.01.2002

Lot of Islamic coins.

In May 2009 Director Menz resigned from his position. See:

Les musées d'art et d'histoire cloués au pilori. Tribune de Genève du 08.05.2009



To be continued.

For comments contact: noble_sharifian@yahoo.com

Dr. Leo Mildenberg, former Director of Bank Leu Numismatik, Zürich
Ceramica-Stiftung, St. Jakobs- Strasse 7, 4052 Basel c/o Dr. iur. Thomas Staehelin, Fromer, Schultheiss & Staehelin, Basel, siehe Basler Daig.

Reg. letter to Dir. C. Menz, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Genève, March 17, 1999, asking once again to be paid. .......................... . At last I wish to confirm that I had a marvelous relationship with the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire - in the passed with Dir. Lapaire, as well as with you, Dr. Chamy and Dr. Campagnolo today. During all this time many important objects, especially in Byzantine arts, found their place within the museum, which makes me very proud and I am sincerely looking forward to continue this tradition also in the future - if you like.

Ref: Reichenbach & Partner, Zürich, 4. März 1999, pg. 2, Nr. 3 Kylix from Sotheby's: Die Anerkennung dieser Schuld wird zur Kenntnis genommen and Nr. 7 etc.

Mme. Magnin c/o Brigade: Financière, GE to RA Schulz Berlin, fax of June 2, 2004: N'ayant pas réussi à vous atteindre par téléphone, je me permets de vous envoyer le présent pour vous confirme que la plainte de votre client BERRY est bien arrivée à nos services et qu'elle est traitée par mes soins. ....... et de nous transmettre tous les documents y relatifs (preuves de remises et de ventes des objets cités dans la plainte). RA Schulz did not reply nor did he sent anything.






within Dr. Peter Schmid's reply to Prof. Vischer of 13.09.2002 he confirmed that he will give us only Mr. Humbel's name and address. This very letter as well as the letter of Mr. Humbel we finally received through another source.

Similar answers we received from Tages-Anzeiger, NZZ and etc.

Missing Objects *

Ref: Dinichert Vulliemin Ducrest, Genève, 12 novembre 1998, pg. 5, no. 7:

En effet, votre cliente a mis le Plateau-Poisson, le Vase Terracotta, la pièce en argent ... en vue d'un éventuel achat par ledit Musée.

L'opération ne concerne en rien M. Chamay!!!

Archäologisches Institut und Sammlung, Zürich

Rechtsanwalt Andreas Schulz, Berlin & MAH let Mr. Berry drive to Geneva to view some material which was delivered by Dr. Chamay to the museum in 2004. This material was not ours!

Once RA Schulz had filed our claim to the Geneva police in 2004 he was not to be reached anymore. Ref: See article in Tribune de Genève.

In 2007, Mr. Haldimann c/o MAH, testified to the authority that the "Dr. Chamay objects" were without value.


After locating the whereabout of the Sotheby's object in 2005 we decided to contact Maître Mauro Poggia in Genève. And while waiting patiently for matters to advance - I finally decided to file my own claim in November 13, 2008 based on an old letter which was written by Maître Poggia to Dir. Menz c/o Musée d'Art et d'Histoire. Nonetheless, Maître Poggia was repeatedly contacted by Mr. Martinoni c/o BRCG1 and requested to do the necessary. However, Mr. Martinoni confirmed to me that he had received absolutely nothing and therefore had to forward the matter to the Parquet du Procureur Général. It looks as if Maître Poggia had decided to follow within the footsteps of RA Andreas Schulz, Berlin. But why had both lawyers assured us that they had nothing to worry about !!!???

Stolen, Missing & Found Art



Case resolved